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Frontier is a Canadian historical drama television series co-created by Rob Blackie and Peter Blackie, chronicling the North American fur trade in 18th Century Canada/Rupert's Land, sometime between the years of 1763 and 1779. The series is co-produced by Discovery Canada, as the channel's first original scripted commission, and Netflix. The series premiered on November 6, 2016.
Frontier Communications Corporation (known as Citizens Utilities Company until May 2000 and Citizens Communications Company until July 31, 2008) is an American telecommunications company. The company previously served primarily rural areas and smaller communities, but now also serves several large metropolitan markets. In addition to local and long-distance telephone service, Frontier offers broadband Internet, digital television service, and computer technical support to residential and business customers in the United States.

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Frontier Communications Corporation (known as Citizens Utilities Company until May 2000 and Citizens Communications Company until July 31, 2008) is an American telecommunications company. The company previously served primarily rural areas and smaller communities, but now also serves several large metropolitan markets. In addition to local and long-distance telephone service, Frontier offers broadband Internet, digital television service, and computer technical support to residential and business customers in the United States.


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Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"If I could give this nasty place zero I would 5 people have caught covid and 1 has passed and not once have they tried to help to better their work environment and they don’t care for their agents or their well being they treat us as we are as replaceable like a mask Cons: All"

Enterprise Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"I had an immediate manager that had no prior experience in my roles or theirs's. in 40 years of being a sales leader and # 1 producer in the Western united States for Frontier I can say with out a doubt the absolute worst company I have ever worked for. Cons: idiots for managers, horrible products, too expensive"

Sales and Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked at this company for almost 5 years and i have never been treated so badly in my life. The company literally sees the employees as dollar signs and doesn't value them AT ALL. you will be pushed to your absolute limits here with NO reward. There is no opportunity to advance. They make it so hard to meet goals to get comission. They do nothing to save customers and blame the reps for not "promoting value" when frontier is one of the worst cable companies there is. Stay far far far away from this company."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Bad pay snd bad supervisors overall not a good company to work for . They don’t care about their representatives. The supervisors all are on their phone . If we send an instant message for help they can’t help . They always say ask another supervisor. They get paid to sit on their butts all day Cons: Everything"

Enterprise Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Worst job, worse company, worst culture I have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to work for. From the moment I walked in, it was a disaster. They were not prepared for anything as we started right after the changeover from VZ to FTR and the cutover was a disaster. Thousands of people were out of service. They didn’t know how to fix it and they never apologized. The residential customers would verbally attack us if we went out to lunch with a Frontier badge atounf your neck. Cons: Everything else"

Director of Operations (Former Employee) says

"I've worked for several companies in the communication industry and have never experienced lies, dishonesty and back-stabbing like I did at Frontier. My leader, an SVP, was an incompetent roob and would often call people out in group settings and intentionally humiliate them. Cons: Terrible leadership from the COO down."

Customer Service Sales (Former Employee) says

"They will be pro you like a dog, the changes are unnecessary and managers don’t do anything about it cause it don’t affect their money when you’re not paid"

Retention Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"No raises, had to pay out of pocket for Insurance for family. 1/3 of your check. Stressful environment where leads and supervisors aren't very willing to assist in helping customers stay. I see why the company is sinking."

CABLE SPLICER (Former Employee) says

"The company has been mismanaged for years and the management has run it into the ground. Employees are not treated equally and favoritism runs rampant. Safety protocols are not followed on a regular basis, putting employees in danger. Employees from one area are set hundreds of miles to another company location to complete work instead of having the employees at the other location do their job. This is a massive waste of time and resources."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Employer does not care about employees or customers. Worse company I have ever worked for ! Poor management and no leadership. Customers mistreated and lied to. No loyalty."

Small Business Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company needs to focus on upgrading outdated phone lines and internet services. There needs to be a concern to care more about customers and employees.. Cons: Customer service, No technology upgrades, employee retention. 1.5 Hour Monday Morning meetings. High prices, low quality services."

Offline (Current Employee) says

"This is probably the worst place I have ever worked. Management is racist towards the minorities, they pick favorites and black ball certain individuals. A really toxic environment. Currently looking for a new job so I can get my sanity back. I hate coming to work everyday and the best part about my day is leaving. This is a great place to work if you love to feel undervalued."

Business Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This supervisor was awful, she criticized those trainers and people working there like nothing."

SST1 (Former Employee) says

"Refuses to listen to qualified technicians who know how save this sinking ship and completely uninterested in good customer service and providing quality well supported products"

Sales Consultant/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I really don't have anything nice to say about Frontier. I will say this, living close to work was a plus but not feeling like I was welcome as an employee ever."

TSO Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"Work here if you want to be without a job after a while and your job to be sent over seas. Frontier does NOT care about their employees and sacrifices good employees and instead uses cheap vendor call centers."

MANAGER, (Current Employee) says

"Since expanding in 2016 Frontier continues to sink further in debt with month over month net loss of customers. Cons: short sided leadership view, poor benefits"

CZTII Telephone Tech (Former Employee) says

"Frontier took over in Florida and customer service went out the window. It is no longer a phone company . they abuse their employees and dont care about customer"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Joined the Management Team in West Virginia last year-Employees do whatever they want-Union makes back end deals with company leadership for personal gain-HR picks and chooses who to discipline-Unfair practices-Company miss directs the public- check internet sites for details Cons: None"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I'm completely traumatized after working for Frontier. They care about the employees just as little as they do the customers. It makes no sense to offer on every call such as death, loss of job, customer calling into cancel, lost home due to flood or house fire. It comes across extremely rude and uncaring. Also Frontier LOVES to threaten termination even for the slightest of things. Cons: Everything/ enter at own risk/beware"

disappointed says

"download speeds sometimes drop to ZERO"

Jama Hashbarger says

"The internet service is unreliable and spotty. Non-stop outages. Trying to work from home and it is a nightmare! I have had Frontier for years because I have no choice and it is awful. The amount that they charge for this crappy service is ridiculous. As soon as I have a choice I will change providers. Their customer service is the worst I have ever seen. If you can get a different provider."

Todd Forsythe says

"Worst customer experience ever. I had 3 “no show’ appointments for onsite tech support. The first was a no show, they got too busy. The second was a no show, they lost the ticket, the third they claimed I wasn’t home but I was. Customer service on the phone were clueless. Am I on candid camera? Is this a joke? How do they stay in business."

L T says

"Frontier Communications apparently is moving to the Triple Creek community in Riverview FL. They are burying optic cables in everyones front yard. There was no notice whatever from Frontier PRIOR to digging up the yards.

Our yard looks like an armadillo dug up it up. It looks terrible, as do all my neighbor’s yards. There has been no discussion from Frontier about how they plan to fix this. And I suspect they’ll expect us to purchase their services. If they’re this inconsiderate and sloppy installing cable, I want no part of Frontier Communications."

Peggy Saint-Michel says

"Frontier Communications was a very bad experience on every level. My son had an account before he moved to another home and created a new account with them at that address. I took over his previous home and called to create my own account. They refused to create a new account for me and treat me as a new customer that allowed them to refuse to give me the lower new customer rate. Then they tangled my son's new account at his new home with mine. I didn't have service for three days. I spent hours on the phone with tech service which is painful because they don't give you a direct number to the advanced tech people even after you've talked to them for 3 or 4 hours. So the next time you call back you have to spend at least a half hour going through every level of tech service. Part of the problem was their refusal to untangle my son's account from mine and it is in two different houses in different cities. After a very painful hookup I was exhausted and just gave up on the issue of my being a new customer and paying more each month because they refused to treat me as a new customer. But it really bothered me so I ended my service after 4 months when my phone service offered internet service. Canceling service has been painful too. I canceled on the 10th of the month but guess what? They refused to allow me to cancel my service until the end of the billing cycle. I've already disconnected their router and installed the router for my new service. I'm not using their service but they refuse to take me off active until the end of the month. This is consumer fraud put in place to make me pay for something I'm no longer using. I filed a complaint with FCC and they said Frontier would contact me to resolve it. I've heard nothing so I called back just to check my status. They still showed me as active 5 days after I canceled. I asked the representative to clearly state in the notes I am no longer using their service and that I requested cancellation on the 10th. I also will be contacting my United States Representative and Senator. Internet providers have been allowed to set up monopolies and they act like fiefdoms. Frontier told me several times what they were going to do which is whatever they want in spite of consumer needs or desires. This is a TERRIBLE company."

Richard D Brown says

"Interesting encounter with Frontier "Customer service" just now. Both of our remotes (Cable) have worn out so I called to have them replaced. I was advised that at some point in the past they became mine and so now to replace on costs you a mere $14.95 each plus $10.00 shipping..........................................

I purchased two on Amazon for a fraction with free shipping."

Peri N says

"Big ZERO star. If there waa an option I would even give negative stars......Customer service is nasty....Even after buying the router from them, they charged me router rental fee of $10 every month. Every couple of month I would call to get my money back & then they refund $10 on next months bill...This went on for 14 months after I bought the router. Worst service ever.....Speed was ok bu customer service & billing is a mess...They have ways to cheat & charge money so keep an eye on your monthly bill....This one time one of the customer service rep was yelling at me & telling me to check my bill....That as***** should be fired right away. When I got the service I was told no contracts.....I didnt sign any paperwork....When I called them to disconnect my service, the rep said I have a 2 year contact.....I said that is straight up lie...also that I havent signed anything....I said prove it, where is the paperwork & then He said I can't do anything about it. Then I asked for his supervisor....he put me on 40 min hold & hang up. I called again & asked for supervisor, this new rep was good & I was transferred, she was persistent to charge me for contact & cancellation but I kept on saying prove it....after some back & forth She did something to waive the contract (ofcourse there wasnt one ever). On my last bill they charged me full amount & next bill after that was $-20 negative, because they owe me the router rental fees for last 2 months, kept on calling after disconnecting, I was told I will get a -20 prepaid card for the overbilled amount & it will take 90 days to get that in mail. Lame...somebody needs to sue them....Morons....overcharge people for their mistake & use their money for months before returning. Scammers!"

Mike Nicastro says

"Last week I was fed up with Frontier and finally 'cut the cord' I called customer service and removed all services except Internet and phone. I confirmed with the agent twice on the call what was removed and the final service and cost. She said I will also receive a email confirmation. Low and behold, I received the email confirmation and they screwed up again. Showtime was added which I did not want which increased my monthly bill $19.99. I called again and the agent said that don't worry and disregard the email and what was on her side was correct. I called back a second time and spoke to another agent and they told me the same. Well . . . . as expected I received the bill today and Showtime was on there ???!!!%%&&$$*** Unbelievable! Well, again another call to Frontier to have it removed, but the system was down so they could not completed the credit transaction and would call me back. After I was called back it was removed, but I had to wait until next month to receive the credit. So, it was their fault but I have to wait a month for the credit. Is it just me, am I crazy and asking too much . . . As usual super poor service and support from Frontier. I guess that is why their stock is at 0.105 this morning and are Chapter 11."

John Tango says

"The rating should be ZERO!! Frontier is the WORST ever ever. I was terminating my service, they do not prorate my payment, they will charge me full monthly payment regardless. also, I was planning to drop the box off, they said you have nowhere to drop the box, they will send me a mailer. I have already moved. Terrible service, I could not hear what the service rep was saying, the background noise was so loud. Such an armature company, and the service absolutely sucks. Don't ever sign on with them!!"

kevin keey says

"I came back after being with another provider. In the first 45 days I had to call them TWELVE TIMES due to internet being down, almost losing my job since working from home due to COVID. AND THEN found out it is going to take more than 00 days to receive a 44.00 refund owed to me after all the trouble. DO NOT sign with Frontier."

George Loukides says

"Frontier has owed me a refund for two months. I've spent hours on the phone trying to find out when I will receive what is due me. Still waiting."

Ron Anna says

"Horrible service! They were the only company that provided landlines where I live. After months of terrible service, no dial tone, picking up the phone, and hearing what sounds like a fast busy signal, dial a number and nothing happens and these issues were constant. If you call repair they tell you that there will be a service charge if they find nothing wrong. After months of hearing that I finally terminated my service. They owe me money as I had a credit balance on my last bill dated 09/23/20, here it is 10/24/20 and I still have not received my refund. I called today and was finally told that it will take 90 days for the refund to be issued. Let's think about that, they hold refunds nationwide for 90 days, the money sits in an account earning them interest, that to me is THEFT. To add insult to injury, they issue a prepaid Visa card for the amount, once the card gets down to less than a dollar or so, most people won't use it, so they get back that money also. I'll be damned if I'll do that, once they finally get off their arsch and send me the card, I will every last penny of it."

Charles Countryman says

"AVOID Frontier for your business! They will COST you thousands in lost revenue when your phones go down and one department says they work while another department says they don't. Two days of Hell being LIED to by 50% of everyone we speak to and that is two days of being on the phone with them instead of running our business and so many missed calls from clients we can't count and we're all using cell phones to call clients for our business line can't call out! NIGHTMARE!!!!!!"

Stacey says

"I had a confirmation email for services to start on 10/5 between 8-12 , at 11:45 I decided to call as no one reached out, they had no recollection of what I was talking to and told me they could get someone out in 2 days. I own a mental health business with clients who need help today, not in 2 days. I intentionally chose this day as out location opens the next day. Bec was the most unprofessional, mocking rep I've spoken to - she refused to escalate, told me to google the email addresses for the higher ups as she can't give out their information to protect them. Absurd, business emails are for this exact reason- they are thieves and a reason their company is going bankrupt - stay away they will make you feel like it's your fault. THE WORST."

Jessica Biegler says

"This company has no customer service etiquette is horrible. They do not keep any good recorders for who you talk to to resolve any issues. We had internet for a total of 2 hours and are getting charged for $136. They do not care or support their customers. Do not use this company."

Ali Nikbeh says

"I have called due to fact to reduce cost of billing , I suggested to agent if he could reduce cost by sending me another dvr that does not recorded . After receiving new replacement and connecting to cable called the customer service to activate box they said it will take 24 hours to activate. Since the box was not working after 24 hours , I called back and I was told that has nothing to do with it is incompatible box and can’t have one dvr saved and One does not. Their agent don’t seems like they have been trained and not what their doing. Be aware waste time and bad customer service only one guy that was really really help full I believe his name is Miguel’s .other was very bad customer service and they really need to take their time train them."

Tracy Leffel says

"Frontier has been nothing but a hassle since I got. The voip was horrible which was cutting out on me and my customers couldn’t hear me. They would hang up on me. So I complained over 3 months and tech after tech said nothing wrong. Then my work said either they fix it or need to come back to the office. I made them up my speed again after a tech lowered it and finally things seemed to work but now I’m running 70 gigs enough to power a small business which isn’t right. Also my internet cuts out during storms. They have bad wiring in our area. So they laid a temporary line which runs along side a ditch on a gravel road and across one of my neighbors yards up to a highway. Been waiting about 3 months to get this buried and within this 3 months this line has been mowed over twice. Once by my neighbor and once by a county worker. I lost each time it happened internet for 3 days and no work for 3 days with no wages. They have no sense urgency about anything and don’t seem to care. Their customer service is horrible they never know anything in that office. They don’t know what is happening in the field or estimated time of when anything will be done. It is useless to call them. All they can do is put a ticket in and say a tech will be out in 3 days. Which is horrible who leaves customers waiting 3 days without service. Also, they always say they have the problem fixed but then the same issue keeps happening over and over. I called Spectrum internet and they are thinking about moving in our area due to all the people calling them about Frontier."

Wayne Johnson says

"I have had Frontier now for a few years. At first, it was good. Then, I noticed I had to reset the modem once every month. Then, it was once a week. Then, it was two or three times a week. Then, I noticed that the beginning of movies on Netflix and YouTube were blurry. I tested my Internet speed and found I was sometimes only getting 4-5 megabits per second MBPS speed even though I had the highest speed that I could get for my money. That is completely UNACCEPTABLE! I called the office three times complaining about the slow speed. The first time, they told me to reset my modem. That helped for about an hour. Then, the second time, the man told me that he would increase my speed. I didn't even notice an improvement. The last time, the man told me that for $5.00 more per month he would increase my speed. That actually decreased my speed. This morning, I tested my Internet speed and even though I was paying the most for my money, it tested at a measly 2.01 MBPS.

It took over three HOURS to load a website on used cars today. I am paying $169.00/month for that?

Needless to write, I can see why Frontier is going out of business.

I am switching to XFinity. The sooner, the better."

Adam Barnard says

"The worst internet service in Arizona."

Gregory Moore says

"Before Frontier replaced Verizon, the service was top notch. The very week that Frontier took over the service crashed in Fontana, CA... From then on the service fluctuated from very good to extremely bad. Frontier started cutting off channels that were essential for sports lovers in the Los Angeles area as if they were doing us the favor "to keep costs down."
Our total time with Verizon/Frontier was 20 years. We finally had enough of their service disruptions, and unreliable internet connections in January 2021.. We reluctantly went to Spectrum, and have yet to find reason for regret. Their customer service is much more professional, where Frontier's became distant and incoherent at times... I didn't want to throw 20 years away, but Frontier didn't seem too interested in the relationship."

58-Productions says

"Bad Speed and like 100s of support calls"

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